about_page_photo_01As a medical anthropologist, psychotherapist, and non-dual healer, I function as an educator, therapist, and presence to assist people of all ages in their pursuit of health and well-being.  Anthropology teaches me about the myriad human approaches to healing, whereas my training in psychotherapy educates me in the role of the mind in the creation of our life experience.  As a healer, however, I continue to learn to be precisely with what presents itself – it is in this state of awareness that the River of Life reveals itself and can move to heal the one who is suffering.

I am a German immigrant who grew up in Australia.  My parents brought with them insights from the Old World, the knowledge of natural healing methods which are still an important part of European tradition.  These methods include specific uses of water, of herbs and certain foods, massage, and even the laying on of hands. I became fascinated with healing methods at a very young age and learned what I could from my parents and grandmother.

By the time I was a teenager and a student of philosophy, I had also begun to understand the significance of attitude in health and healing.  I knew that mind and awareness had to count in the equation of health, and recall being deeply affected by literary accounts of psychological distress that seemed to give rise to disease.  In subsequent years of study and training my impression of the significance of this dynamic has only increased, which is not to leave the body out, but rather to see it in its truth: an expressive gift of life at the service of awareness in the world.

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