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I offer an array of services based on a diverse career path which does, however, exhibit a theme:  to contribute to healing in the world.  To that end, I teach, practice psychotherapy and nondual healing, and facilitate groups using methods and knowledge that can alleviate the suffering that arises from lack of awareness.  My focus is on being fully present and acknowledging what is happening in the moment.


I have taught at the college and university level, as well as in community education and at local and national conferences, for almost twenty years.  My fields include anthropology, psychology, and ethics.  Of particular interest to me is the significance of the human capacity for conscious awareness.  I believe that this focus is more important than ever as findings in neuroscience and epigenetics reveal what religion and literary traditions have always validated:  that our thinking matters, and that it is formative, beginning with our brains and bodies themselves and extending into the social domain.  I believe the time has come to acknowledge the role of consciousness as a force in its own right.


I have been practicing psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for more than twenty years and am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Minnesota.  I am most experienced in helping people deal with anxiety and depression, and the associated symptoms:  lack of joy, low energy, difficulty with relationships, physical pain that has no medically identifiable cause, and a fear of existence, much of which can be seen arising from the culturally induced split between the mind and the body and the mistaken idea that we ought to be independent of others.  I see my task then as helping people to reintegrate themselves and live cooperative and purposeful lives characterized by freedom and joy, part of the birthright of being human.

Nondual healer

As a certified Integrated Kabbalistic Healer, I accompany my clients where they are on their life’s journey.  This form of healing overtly acknowledges the inherent Oneness of what is.  Here, my task is to be a fellow traveler who supports people where they find themselves.  In this form of healing, recognizing the state of awareness of the client and being supportive is itself the method and can include laying on of hands.  This contrasts markedly with the interventionist attitude that characterizes most other forms of healing.  However, when both the healer and the help-seeking individual come into alignment, then Wholeness and healing can arise in surprising ways.

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