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I am Sylvia Olney MA LMFT PHD, spiritual healer, psychotherapist, and anthropologist, in pursuit of wellness at every level of being – physical, mental, and spiritual.

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God is Choosing You

Thank you for visiting my website, Clear Waters Healing.  Here you will find information about the services I offer, articles and information about healing practices, news,  speaking engagements and more.  Over the last twenty years I’ve maintained a therapy and healing practice while teaching as an Anthropology professor in Bemidji, Minnesota.  I offer personal counseling, family therapy,  and healing to patients in the region and further afield.

What can be gained from psychotherapy? 
How could going through a course of psychotherapy improve your life?

Ten sessions with a trained psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral psychotherapist such as myself can serve to wake you up to your basic approach to life and whether or not it is serving you.

    • Are you aware of the relationship between how you think and what you feel and experience in your life?
    • Have you ever thought that your life and how you experience it could be different?
    • Do you find yourself feeling depressed or anxious for no discernible reason?

I have been trained to help you come to greater understanding about yourself and how to live a more joyful life.  The path to such a life begins with self-examination and benefits from the help of someone who will respect you and help you to wake up to what makes you a worthwhile person.  Through encouragement as well as gentle confrontation with what is not working for you, you can learn to think, feel, and live differently.  The best of who you already are can emerge and you can find the power to make necessary changes in your life.

Self-reflection and growth in inner harmony can improve every relationship of which you are a part; you can learn to live differently in relation to everyone and everything in your life, beginning with yourself.

    • We are meant to be happy; we were made to be well.
    • We are equipped to be a source of joy to ourselves and everyone with whom we come in contact.
    • Life we never meant to be miserable.

It is possible to experience things differently.

Contact me today and make an appointment to start a new life.  I can work with most medical insurance (especially in the state of Minnesota), as well as offering a sliding fee scale.

Sylvia Olney, MA LMFT Ph.D.
Minnesota State Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist
and Certified Nondual Healer

(218) 259-3137

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